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Preschool Ballerina

This is the perfect introduction to dance class for our youngest dancers. We combine tap and ballet in a fun, playful way to keep their attention and use their imagination. Each month we decorate the room for a new theme and dancers will strive for a new skill based sticker chart. This class continues to develop and grow through Kindergarten. We are the only studio in the area that offers the Princess Ballerina Program. 

Prep Classes

These classes are perfect for our dancers who have graduated our Princess Ballerina program or for dancers in first grade who are just beginning. We have Prep Combo classes for those dancers who what to try multiple genres or Prep Classes in just ballet or hip hop for those dancers who just want to focus on their genre of choice. Ages range 5 (turning 6) to 7 (turning 8).. 

Elementary Classes

Elementary Classes can be found in all genres: Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, hip hop & acro.. These classes are designed for the dancer who has been recommended by their teacher to move up from the Prep Classes or for new students with some dance experience.  These classes can still also be for the beginning dancer that is too old to start a Prep Class. Most elementary students are ages 7-10

Elementary 2/Intermediate

Elementary 2/Intermediate Classes can be found in all genres: Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary & Hip Hop. These classes are designed for the dancer with multiple years of experience in dance. Hip Hop & Acro would be the only exceptions to this in which beginners could still enter these classes. If you have questions about if these are the correct classes for you, please let us know & we would be happy to help. 

These classes are for the older dancers who have had multiple years of dance experience. The only exception to this rule would be hip hop and acro in which we group by age. 

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